Sorry, this slipped by me for some reason.

Imagine Products, the makers of HD LOG and ShotPut P2 have now made a great little application called ProxieMill.

I blogged about this before, when I was testing it. But now it is ready for prime time and available to the rest of y’all.

ProxyMill will create timecoded “proxy” movies of any footage that you capture with FCP or any footage you copy off of a P2 card…automatically, in the background. All you have to do is tell it what folder to watch, and what folder to put the proxies in, then let it go. You can add burned in timecode, and there are many presets available, like for the iPod.

Imagine this…you are on a shoot using P2 and while you offload you also create these nice timecoded proxie movies. At the end of the day you burn these to CD, copy them to a hard drive, or put them on the producers iPod so that they can take them home and look at what was shot that day and perhaps use it to start writing a script. Or you can then burn them to data DVD or CD and send them to the transcription company. Your director can look at the footage while being driven home from the set. You can add them to a tape database as a way to track your stock footage. Any number of possibilities.