I can’t find an “announcement” area in the Avid site that says this, but here is the sticky thread on the Avid MC for Mac forum. Link to the README is there.

Biggest difference, Tiger is no longer supported. Leopard only. Avid is moving fast these days with updates. Used to take a year or so for anything back in the OS 9 days…Meridian days.

Now, I wonder if this fixes the audio issue I am having with 3.0.5 and Nitris. This audio bug does not happen at home where I don’t have the hardware, but here at work 3 out of 4 machines have the issue, and a few people on the forums do as well. Updating my home system won’t tell me if the bug is fixed, so while I downloaded it I don’t know if I will install it yet. And for the machines at work to be updated…well, that is up to the rental company and the production company and given the track record of past updates, this won’t happen until a project wraps. I wonder if I could plead my case. This audio issue REALLY slows me down and takes me out of “the zone.”

Anyway…Now I have to work on my fine cut. The new draft of the script really changed things and rearranged things (typical), so I have holes to fill and music to fix. Pacing to get right. The usual.