Lately when I have been working with P2 footage I have been avoiding Final Cut Pro’s time consuming and metadata stripping option of LOG AND TRANSFER. Mainly because a lot of the footage I have been working with lately (in FCP) has a lot of metadata that was put there by the camera guy, like LOCATION and USER CLIP NAME and name of subject…useful stuff. You can see most of this in the FCP Log and Transfer window, but after you import…poof, it is gone.

So I have been using MXF4QT lately. And the CF Flow CM plugin for it really makes the import of this footage into FCP pretty darn slick. Wanna see it? DO YA?

Well, my buddy Jeremy Garchow at the Creative Cow has a great video tutorial on how this all works.

Tellin’ ya…darn slick. About as slick as working with MXF in Avid. That is built in slick.