My buddy Scott Simmons of the EditBlog revealed via Twitter that he was getting Adobe CS4. I asked him in a flurry of e-mails how this might handle long form cutting. Because from what I heard in all the forums and podcasts I peruse, this is great for short form and effects work, but I heard nothing about longform editors using it. Feature films and broadcast TV shows all use Avid and FCP, but I know of not one using Premiere. So I asked Scott a few questions that I hoped he could answer, and he did, via this blog post.

NOW…I am very sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. I do have a lot to talk about, mainly non-technical stuff about editing and workflow and how to edit when you don’t have a script and stuff like that. But in NOT having a script to edit to, it takes longer and thus a lot of time I have is used for that. And for editing video for friend’d 40th birthday parties, taking the family to Disneyland often (we have annual passes) and breaking toes on stoves (only one, thank goodness). I will endeavor to get SOMETHING up soon.