Well, for the first time in…YEARS…I will be working on a location shoot as a camera operator. PAID operator. I have done a lot of shooting on my own, and got some footage here and there for various shows I was on, but it was always considered “stock footage.” But now, armed with my new HPX-170 (that doesn’t have the notorious “wiggle” issue), I will be hiking for a couple hours, crossing a small river 10 times, to a bridge where we will be interviewing people right before the bungie jump. I have to get up at 6:00 AM to get to the trailhead by 7:15AM…hike in hot weather…shoot…hike back…then drive home.

If I didn’t appreciate my edit bay and my hours before, this will no doubt make me appreciate them more. BUT, I still plan on having fun. Plus, this will give me more working experience with this camera and allow me to really dig into the menus.

So now this is high definition SHOOTING from the trenches.