I have…HAD…two small raids in my MacPro. Just two sets of 500GB drives raided as RAID 0. The idea was to have a couple small internal raids for video playback, although in the end I never ended up using them as such. Always just used them as storage. ANYWAY, just to say that this sometimes happens, one of the raids failed. Doesn’t show up. I can see it in the Disk Utility, but as two separate raid slices. It cannot repair them…Disk Warrior cannot repair them. I reseated them to no avail…it was gone. No big thing, the files that that particular RAID was holding are no longer needed. Backed up and archived as the show is done. Thank goodness.

So…RAID 0 is still called the ‘scary raid’ for good reason. Now I will be unraiding all my drives and keeping them as separate disks, since I won’t be putting media on them. Even if I do, they are plenty fast on their own for the media I work with.