I really have gotten back into the swing of things. Back into my Avid mind and trim editing. Finding a few features that I really like.

-Source audio mapping. What I mean by this is no longer to I have to click on A1 and A2 from the SOURCE window and drag the arrow to the track I want to patch them to. Nope, I simply highlight the two tracks, and ONLY those two tracks and they automatically patch themselves. LOVE that. Cannot tell you how much of a time saver that is. I wonder when this was implemented?

-New timecode burn. This I know is new with 3.0. Making an output for the producer now has lots more information, and that is VERY handy. Source TC, source CLIP NAME (this really helps as the clip name includes the camera, A or B camera) sequence code. great when you have two camera angles with the same code, now the producer can see which camera angle was used.

-Footage says MEDIA OFFLINE, but you know it is there? Simply trash the MSM files in the Avid Media Files folder and Avid automatically rebuilds the database, and reconnects the media instantly. This has been around since the dawn of Avid I believe.

-Recording VO is EASY. Capture tool and VO bin are all you need. Makes me tired of having a sequence with slug on it like I have to do in FCP.

– Title tool that shows you the image your playhead is on. GREAT for placing the text just right. Again, been with Avid for as long as I can remember. I just miss it.

But, there are a couple small drawbacks too. Like pressing PLAY to scan through the footage quickly. Avid still chokes here…even at 15:1 on the new Avid 3.0. Get past 4 clicks and stutter city. Drag scanning works fine still. And since I am working on a show with super slow motion cameras, I need this scan ability. Also when I want to move clips I have to click on the SELECT arrows and move them. An added step that I don’t like. ANd while I enjoy the 3.0.5 update at home, they only have 3.0.1 at work, so no SELECT ALL TO THE RIGHT for me at the office.

Which brings me to a big thing…interoperability. Taking a project file and using it in a variety of versions of FCP. The project was created in 3.0.1, but I can open it in 3.0.5, make changes, and then open it in 3.0.1. I even tested opening it with Avid 2.8…worked fine. BIG checkmark in Avid’s corner. With FCP you need to export XMLs, and that starts getting old, fast.

That’s it for now. Just glad that I am finally back into the swing of things.