To better organize myself I make folders to put bins in, and categorize these. So yesterday I made a folder for all the footage. Then today I opened one of the bins and was editing when I decided to add another folder. Since I number my folders (00_cuts, 01_footage, etc) I wanted to make this new folder have a greater standing… I wanted IT to be 01, and move footage to 02. So I changed the name of the folder.

And then suddenly the folder closed. I opened it to find that the bin I had open, said it was closed. Oookay. So I opened it and ANOTHER BIN with all the same footage opened. Odd. I closed it and then tried to close the one I had open, and it wouldn’t. Gave some odd error (Exception: Invalid arguement, filename:DAILIES.wrt). But when I changed the name of the folder back to 01_footage…it worked.