Michael, an “avid” reader (ugh) pointed out that Avid released an update to the Media Composer line that addresses TWO of my beefs that I had on my first day. The locator window that pops up when you add a locator (you can disable that now) and the ability to select all the clips to the RIGHT or LEFT of your current position, and move them….just like you can in FCP. Cool beans!

It can be found HERE. 800MB, so this will take a while.

EDIT – Well Scott Simmon’s of the EDITBLOG pointed out to me in Twitter than the DISABLE LOCATOR POPUP option has been around for a while. In the LOCATORS tool, click on the hamburger menu on the lower left and choose DISABLE LOCATORS POPUP. Thanks Scott.

ANOTHER EDIT: Steve Cohen of SPLICE HERE goes more in depth on this new feature. And told me something I didn’t know…before you install the update, you need to UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSION. I had no clue that you needed to do this. So the installer you download is a full installer. So I guess I now have to go and uninstall this and reinstall. Good thing it is quick and painless.