Posted June 16, 2008:

“There is currently a known issue with Quicktime 7.5 and our latest MXO 2.1.3 drivers, in which our Proc Amp utility will not properly load our test bars for calibration purposes. Please note that this does not effect calibration profiles made prior to Quicktime 7.5, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and urge you to check back regularly for any updates regarding this matter

Matrox Support”

Well, this isn’t good. For all the people who run FCP 6.0.4 that requires QT 7.5…this basically hoses you on being able to set up the MXO and you Apple Cinema Display. I hope they get a fix soon. Sorry for the late notice on this. I don’t peruse their forums (I should now), and I only learned of this when a friend bought one and couldn’t get it to work properly.

NOTE: Andy commented that this only effects the Proc Amp monitor calibration of computer monitors like the Apple or Dell. All the other functions operate normally.

UPDATE: Matrox has released a patch that can be downloaded here. This fixes the calibration bug with QT 7.5.