Off the editing and post and camera track for a bit as I rave about my iPhone. The OLDER iPhone…rev1. Not the new 3G iPhone. Just so we’re clear.

I relied on my iPhone for just about everything. Calling people and arranging last minute details for an online (secured an 8TB EVO HD Raid unit from MaxxPower with very little notice…thanks guys). Talking to the wife and kids so that they remember who I am and that I still love them.

E-mail, of course. And web. The airports don’t have free internet (except in Vegas…oddest thing…the only free wireless in Vegas is at the airport…oh, and at the Denver airport) at the hotel I was staying at, nor at Panasonic (obviously). And being a cheap bastard I wasn’t going to PAY for it. The only time I was at my hotel was when I was sleeping, so that wasn’t worth it. So I used the phone for e-mailing, google, my addiction to forums, checking in on my flight. Everything.

MAP. I spent my last half day in New York city with a guy I met during the Panasonic meetings. He was supposed to meet friends at a bar that they knew generally where it was. So I looked it up, found it, found where we were (Penn station, Madison Square Garden), and then plotted our route. Yeah, we walked. It’s NEW YORK! We did hop a few cabs after the bar. Mainly because walking was a challenge at that point.

Watching movies. Yup…on the plane I watched a movie on my iphone. The seats were so cramped that I couldn’t fit my laptop in my lap. Stupid airplane.

Camera. Take notes on the power point presentations? Heck no! Snap a picture of it and do it when I have time. And it is always nice to have pictures of you and your friends drunk in NYC. Blackmail material.

Calendar. I put my entire schedule and flight information into iCAL and it synched right up with the phone. Who needs paper?

Everything…just friggin everything. I no longer need to drag my laptop with me wherever I go. Unless I need it for editing. And that is very freeing.

And I am glad that I have the iPhone with Edge. I hear that not only does 3G eat up your battery twice as fast, but also it interferes with some people’s reception. On…no bars. Off, 3 bars. I don’t have that problem. Woot!