OK, I am back after a long weekend on a lake where I had NO internet access (yaay!) and I have dropped back into the frying pan and fire of work…AND I am in the middle of packing the house so that I can move a mile away to another house (owners coming home to the current house earlier than expected)…so I have nothing new to really write about…well, nothing that I have TIME to write about. I have lots that I do want to write, but very little time to do anything.

SO…I will take this opportunity to point out yet another great blog about editing, this one by Oliver Peters, who is a regular on the FCP-L and Avid-L at Yahoo and pops up on a few forums. He has a great blog post about his top ten tips for a better Final Cut Pro editing experience. And they are really nice tips. Starts of running with tip #1 (that not many people know about, and they SHOULD) and just keeps on running.

Tip 6 seems along the lines of the organizational tips I give in my FCP organizational DVD…and tip 7 is utter gold. Reference movies are problematic…pure and simple.

I’ll stop typing…I don’t have time for this. Get over to Oliver’s blog and get informed!