So one of the editors here, who has been bitching about FCP since day one, finally told me today what his biggest frustration was.

“The system just isn’t stable. I crash ALL THE TIME. 8-12 times a day. I can’t frickin’ work.”

OK, so he didn’t say “frickin.'” I toned that down a little bit. But he was crashing left and right…doing simple things. It wasn’t consistent.

So I pulled the Crash Log and sent that to someone who could decifer them…and his report was simple. “He needs to update Quicktime. He is running 7.3.1 and that had issues. QT 7.4.1 solved that issue.”

Wait, he didn’t have QT 7.4.1? I have 7.4.1…all the other bays have 7.4.1 (I checked). He didn’t. We are all supposed to be running the same versions of QT and FCP (ideally the OS too, but we aren’t…so…whatever)…because FCP relies so

heavily on QT.

Hmmm…but where to get this version of Quicktime. I could be searching the Apple site for hours only to get lost and give up. Well…thanks to Jim Geduldick and the Final Cut User blog, they are all in one handy place…and here is the entry that gets you there.

So I downloaded it…installed it…and so far smooth sailing. Getting the perfect balance on your system is difficult. Once you get it..stick with it. Unless some update offers a fix you need…in which case CLONE your working system before updating. If you notice, I say that a lot…clone your working system before updating. That is so that you get it ingrained into your skull and never forget it.

Having a working system is such a joy…

EDIT: They can also be found on the LAFCPUG FAQ WIKI