Typically when you listen to a podcast if they mention a website or a product they will include links to these in the “show notes” for that episode on their website. In the past couple days I mentioned a few websites and products in the class I was speaking, so I’d like to include a few of those links on here so that you all can read more about what I was talking about.

The RESOURCE CENTER I mentioned in the previous entry, but here is the link anyway.

KenStone.net as a great resource for tutorials. Specifically the offline/online workflow and the Pleasantville effect. Look both of those up in the SEARCH area.

I also talked about the difference between Drop Frame time code and non-drop frame time code…more info for that can be found HERE.

I didn’t mention this, but THIS SITE is where you can download all the drivers for P2 and the applications that Panasonic provides for P2.

We talked about how to capture HDV as PRORES via Firewire, and that link tells you how.

Heck, here is Larry Jordan’s site. He was one of our consultants and knows a great deal about FCP and HD formats.

And here’s a little shameless self promotion…my tutorials and articles on the Creative Cow, including all of my STOCK ANSWERS from the forums (dubbed the ultimate real world FAQ by the Cow folk).


G-Tech where we mentioned the G-Drive Q.

Caldigit where I mentioned the Firewire VR.

AJA Video Systems where I mentioned the Kona 3

OK…that’s it.