Tomorrow I will spend half my day teaching at Citris College in Glendora…just east of Pasedena. That Intro to HD workshop I mentioned back in early May. This will be my first time teaching, but not my first time in front of students. No, I did that last April when I visited my alma mater Montana State University and the graduate Natural Sciences film program.

Am I nervous. HECK YEAH. I will have a bunch of people looking to ME to teach them. Taking down my every word as gospel. I haven’t prepared a thing. So I’d better have my act together, or figure out a good way to bluff my way thru this…

Oh…wait…most of the students read this blog.


Am I nervous? HECK NO. I know exactly what I will be talking about and I am well prepared.


I then have to RUSH back to the office and finish the FINE CUT of an episode in time for FedEx. I’ll tell you students about what that is tomorrow, or Thursday. If I can figure out how to get all the footage from a show to the classroom, I’ll show you the various stages of cutting. Not tomorrow…I didn’t think of it before I left. But I should try to remember it for Thursday.

I’d love to get into more of the creative style of cutting and how I make the choices I make in a cut, but there isn’t much time, and that takes TIME to explain. Or at least figure out how to explain. Honestly I don’t know how the professors do it.

Anyway…I am rambing. Tired and I gotta get to bed. Head is just spinning with the notes I need to address on the cut before I get it out the door.