I returned home from work to a pleasant surprise…a package with PANASONIC emblazoned on the side. I rip it open…carefully, with a knife…and lay eyes upon an HVX-200A, the new HVX model with the better CCDs. Better in low light I hear. So I will be taking this puppy out for a few test shoots. Well, the best I can do on my street (wife is having a “girls night out and the kids will be in bed), and on the way to work in the subway station…and at night after the LAFCPUG meeting.

BTW, I will be working at the Cine Gear Expo in the Universal Studios backlot this Friday and Saturday, in the Panasonic booth. If you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Cool thing is, that it is on a subway stop so I can still ride my bike there. BE GREEN! HULK SMASH!