Larry Jordan…not THIS Larry Jordan, the guy behind Edit Well and the new host of The Digital Production Buzz, but rather THAT Larry Jordan, the one that started…has written about his first impressions with the new Avid 3.0 software.

It is a great article. My fellow bloggers agree…five other blogs I read link to it. BEFORE I did…sorry, I’m busy, or lazy, take your pick.

I had the pleasure of seeing this new version at a private demonstration at a hotel next to the convention center at this years NAB. They showed off the most recent version of the Avid DX system, including Avid Mojo DX and Nitris DX. Avid is finally moving away from the firewire connections that the previous version of Adrenaline and Mojo sported. To be honest, I had no clue that the Adrenaline was connected via firewire. The AJA I/O connects that way too…but that was SD only. ANYWAY, here is the press release, a little late in posting that. Sorry. But I’d like to go beyond the press release, just like Larry has, so when I get the new software I’ll try a thing or too. I am pretty excited about it. Just the small enhances like faster scrubbing and the new timecode filter make me happy.