For a while now I have been editing in a SAN environment running XSAN 2 software. Now every editor here, me included, only have experience with Avid Unity, and so we were only used to the way Avid shares projects.

But on my tutorial DVD I talk about how you can work in a SAN environment with multiple seats…how you can share projects and manage your media. But if you want to learn about this from the man who designed the workflow, then you need to read THIS ARTICLE on Avid2FCP by Mark Raudonis. Mark is head of post production at Bunim Murray productions, one of the busiest reality TV production houses in town. They can have as many as 6 to 8 shows running at the same time, with multiple editors on each show. SO I think they have this pretty much down pat.

I see a lot of practices in his workflow that we have incorporated into our workflow. But I consulted with Mark before I started this gig, and we started with two assistant editors who have backgrounds in multi-seat FCP environments. It is a lot slicker than you might think. FCP’s ability to have multiple projects open is key here.