OK…have you ever needed to edit 16:9 in HD, but then are required to deliver a 4:3 digibeta that wasn’t letterboxed? Meaning that you had to zoom in and chop off the sides? Well, how would you know what the title safe area was for that? You’d need some sort of 4:3 guide that works on a 16:9 project. Where can you find those?

Oh…only at this new and cool FREE FCP plugin site done by my pal Andy Mees.

Hmmm…what about a cool stretch blur dissolve. OH, he has that too? Download.

The built in Title Tool on FCP sucks. And Boris might be a pain to get into the way you have to. I wish there was some other way to do text. Oh, there is!

But what about a better way to make your image exist in a 3D space? What about a timecode generator that I can adjust the time to what I want? What about a text crawl that moves at a fixed rate? Donedone…and done.

Go there and see for yourself.

Thanks Andy!