I was having drive issues with my Caldigit S2VR Duo (see here) and I sent it back to CalDigit so they can figure out what the heck is wrong with it. In the meantime, they sent me a 2TB HD One as a loaner while the Duo is in the shop.

Nice little thing this is. Little…I say this because I tested the HD Pro not long ago. Now, I haven’t fired it up yet, as the system I need to use it on is a PCI-X system, and the unit ships with a PCIe connector standard. Just awaiting the PCI-X “bridge card” that is on the way.

In the meantime I am using my Dark Tower Raid to edit from…the one I use to backup my footage. That sucker is STILL friggin quiet. I constantly forget that it is on.

Hmmm…I should post an updated picture of that as well.

EDIT: PCI-X card arrived today. I installed it and kept the eSATA card in and both the eSATA drives and the HD One mount. SWEET…this means that I can transfer footage over.