I really have to tout this magazine…Edit Well. I have been interviewed for it (back in the fall of 2007) and I wrote an article for it (back in Jan 2008, Issue 20…Vol 2, number 8). But I never really read it. Not until I received the issue that I wrote for.

I have to HIGHLY recommend this online magazine to others. The subscription price is $99 for one year…and while that price might seem steep (it did to me at first), it really isn’t. You get quite a bang for your buck. It is full of so many great tutorials, articles and profiles…much better than many of the print magazines that I have lying about. Those magazines might have one article that I care to read…maybe two. Edit Well is filled with MANY articles that I want to read. And FCP tutorials, Motion tutorials…I swear that I have read every one with great interest. This does mean that it takes a while to get through one magazine though.

Check it out when you get a chance.