While perusing the DVXUser forums I came across this blog post on MySpace about a feature film that was lost due to a hard drive failure.

They don’t go into a whole heck of a lot of details here, other to say that it was a DVCPRO HD film, and that they lost their RAID 0 drive array, thus they lost EVERYTHING. Imported footage and apparently the originals. I can only assume that they shot using the HVX-200 and put the original card dumps onto this same raid. This is a big huge NO NO. And this is why. Lose a drive…lose everything. This is a lesson these guys surely will never forget, and I hope one no one else has to experience. Hard drives are cheap…cheaper than re-shooting and bringing people back, and losing the good performances you got the first time. Get one hard drive to back up the P2 cards to…maybe two to have redundant backup. A FirewireVR is a good choice as it can be set up as a MIRRORED Raid…RAID 1. And the drives are removable. Or, if you have a MacPro, you can get bare SATA drives and back up that way, like I do.

And if you must run a RAID 0, you might consider backing up that footage to more drives. Or better yet, go RAID 5 if you can afford it. Redundancy in case a drive failes. Caldigit, MaxxDigital, Dulce Systems, Sonnet Technology, G-Technology all offer Raid 5 options. If you can’t afford Raid 5, then make sure that you have plenty of backups…tape, P2 or EX1 or RED backed up to hard drives. I cannot stress this more. PLEASE learn from other people’s mistakes before you are forced to learn from your own.