Yes, I am going to NAB this year. No, I won’t be there for the entire show…this year will be a short stint. The show I am working on cannot spare me the entire week. They can barely spare the two days I will be gone.

This year I will be working at the Matrox Booth (sorry, I don’t know the booth number) showing off the MXO, as well as the Panasonic P2 workflow. Because it is a tapeless format, there is no real need for a capture card, so the MXO is a perfectly viable solution to this format, as well as for the Sony the EX1.

But enough of my “sales pitch.” Even though Apple and Avid won’t have booths, it is still shaking up to be a big show. A LOT of people I know from various blogs and forums are coming, so I will get to meet a lot of my online friends. And I will be going to a small meeting with Avid to see what they have to offer besides the lowered prices. According to Steve at Splice Here there is a new thing called Avid DX…with Mojo DX and Symphony DX. So I can’t wait to hear this all first hand.

And since I will only be there for 2 days, working both, I won’t get to see much myself. But, when I get back I will write about what I did see, and hear from Avid.

And are at NAB if you want to meet me, now you know where to find me.

EDIT: A buddy from my TWITTER list has sent me the booth info. The Matrox booth is # SL320. If you are in Vegas, I’ll see you there.