Avid announced today that they will be rolling Avid Express Pro into Media Composer cutting the price of the software version of Media Composer from $5000 to $2500. This means that Avid Express Pro will be discontinued by the end of Q2, 2008 (meaning by the summer). This also means that the software will now be in a more competitive price range with Final Cut Pro. I know that now I will be getting it…as soon as I wrangle up $2500 (I did just buy a new system after all).

Upgrade from Express Pro for $495, and if you are a student, the software can be had for a paltry $295. Man…I wish I had this opportunity when I was a student.

AND…Avid is starting a new support community that will have users helping other users with the software. Much like what Apple does on their forums, and what you can get for FCP at the Creative Cow, LAFCPUG, DVXUser. Although the Creative Cow also has a great Avid forum as does DVXUser.

Quick thoughts? I am excited about this. I am a huge Avid fan (avid fan…always like that expression) and find it not only viable, but often the only solution for many workflows…just like I think that FCP is the only solution for other workflows. And I think that lowering their price will only help them gain back some market share and footing they have lost in the past.

EDIT: I wish this format had a STRIKE THROUGH font so I could show my original comment and the fix I made to it. It was pointed out that the support forums were there, they are just tagged as *NEW* because they revamped them. I knew this, but suffered from a brain fart. They have been there, but I always found them lacking. I hope they become better. The interface certainly is better.