Here is the Kona KBox mounted on the back of my IKEA “rack.” I had to add an extra piece of wood to the side, but the 2U rack brackets fit nicely.

Now…onto TIME MACHINE. In my MacPro I have 5 drives. The system drive is in Bay 1, I have three Seagate 500GB drives in the other 3 bays. One stands alone as a work drive, where I store show exports, imported footage and other odd and ends that I transfer to the server. The final two are RAIDED as RAID 0 and I use them to capture media too before I transfer it to the XSAN.

I have a fifth drive installed in this MacPro. The fifth drive resides in the normally empty second optical bay. It is connected to the computer via one of the two spare SATA connections on the logicboard (accessed by removing the fans) and a 3.5″ to 5.25″ adapter kit. I use this drive as my TIME MACHINE drive, since I am using Leopard. Already this has saved my behind.

There was a small bit of temp footage that we had in the system that was accidentally ripped from the DVD as h.264. When I added this to the timeline, it required rendering…a clue to me that it was not an editing codec. So I copied the file to my computer, used Compressor to convert it to DV, and copied the DVD file back to the XSAN. I then went to reimport this clip and dropped it into the timeline STILL recuired rendering. HUH? I looked at the clip and it STILL said it was h.264. Somehow it was still referencing the clip on my desktop, or in the trash…somewhere. So I dragged the clip to the trash and tried to empty it. It couldn’t…FCP was still referencing it. So I quit FCP and then emptied the trash. To make sure that it linked properly, I also trashed the converted file on my drive. Then I opened FCP and…and…the clip was offline. I looked at the file I copied over and it was corrupt…zero KB.

It was gone.

Crap. Here I am, Sunday night and hour 10 into a 12 hour shift, and I lost media and I don’t know where the DVD is, and it is footage I need. Crap crap crap.

Then I remember that I have Time Machine running. What the heck, I’ll check. So I open my desktop folder and then hit TIME MACHINE. I go back one notch and…YUP, there it is…on the desktop. So I copy the DV file over…RESTORE it…and drop it on the XSAN. Import that into FCP and all is good.

I like Time Machine.

But this also points to an issue with my connection with the XSAN. I know something is up because I have to type in my password any time I want to copy footage to it…AUTHENTICATE it. And I can’t create folders on it, nor set it as my scratch disk. I gotta call the IT guys and get them to look at it.