Here it is. It took me a while to get this post up because…well, I am beat. I spent last weekend finishing the desk…and taking the remaining wood and unused scraps to make THREE bird houses…well, help my daughters make them. Kids demanding their dad’s time…how can I refuse? So that was Saturday.

But I am jumping ahead a little. The computer arrived on Thursday, Feb 28…a day ahead of schedule. I jumped for joy at work when my wife called. And when I got home from work…and after a quick meal…I put my full attention onto this machine. Installing three 500 GB Seagates into the spare drives, yanking out the fan to access one of the SATA ports on the logicboard and installing a small drive into the empty optical bay (this I am using as my Time Machine backup). I replaced the stock ATI 2600 card with the x1900 XT card. You heard about that mess last time. OK, bouncing ahead again.

Sunday evening I moved the desk and all my gear to the edit bay at the office in Hollywood. Yup, actually working in Hollywood. This installation took about 3 hours. Lugging equipment and desk upstairs, assembling desk, fixing HD CRT as the power button was stuck IN and I couldn’t turn on the monitor. I fixed that and finished the build. I was pleasantly surprised that the desk was as steady as it was. I realized a small design flaw in my desk. The legs flare IN from the front. They need to flare OUT, as the bulk of the weight is in the back. I will be getting two more single legs from IKEA to add to the back.

I was up and running on Monday. Not on the XSAN yet, so I worked with the footage on the internal drives…I striped two of them as a Raid 0. Running the AJA SYSTEM TEST I found that I got 200MB/s read/write on this. NICE. I had the media stored on these drives for now, so I could edit. This afternoon, Tuesday, is when I was finally added to the network. So far so good…smooth sailing.

SIDE NOTE. I hooked up my G5 to the MacPro via GigE and was able to share the media drive from the G5 to the MacPro. And I was able to do three streams on the G5. The MacPro, connected to the G5 that was acting like a Server, was able to do 2 streams. That was cool to kown. SO if I have a two computer shot, this is a pretty cheap SAN.

ANYWAY…dying of sleep deprivation, so I gotta try to get some shuteye. I can’t post specifics about the desk, as I have partners who want to make ALL the desks like this, but I will say that everything came from IKEA. Everything but the shelf…that came from a lumber yard.

EDIT: I am on the XSAN this morning, and it is SWEET!