IT’S HERE! It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but it got here a day early. I was tracking it on FedEx and it seemed to be sitting idle in Fort Worth Texas…it was there for a while. But then I looked up the tracking number just after lunch yesterday and suddenly it was in Sun Valley CA (here in the Valley, close to Burbank Airport) and on the truck to be delivered! I called my wife…she was going to be out of the house from 11:45 to 3:00…and sure enough, that was when the delivery occurred. But then they made another attempt later in the afternoon and my wife was home and I GOT MY NEW MAC PRO!

I raced home from work…as fast as one can race in rush hour traffic…and burst through the door. There it was, in the entrance hall. Too heavy for my wife and kids to move. After dinner I unpacked it and…well, OK…I’ll go into more of that later. Posting pics and all…as if you all care. I’m getting a new machine, it is exciting to ME. But I’ll post a few pics as to what I installed and how crowded it is inside there.

But I did want to mention one thing. One thing that put a damper on this machine. I replaced the stock ATI x2600 card with the ATI x1900XT. I read on that this card works in the newer MacPros. I plugged in a monitor and fired it up and….nothing happened. The card was spinning VERY FAST AND VERY LOUD…but nothing appeared on the screen. DRAT! I took the Kona 3 card out and put the x2600 card back in and fired it up again. Yup, now I can see something. I looked in the System Profiler and it saw the 2600 card, but it said GRAPHICS CARD…then ATI…in slot 1. It wasn’t working.


I updated the system fully. Nothing. I looked to see if there was a driver for this, and I found that there was a Firmware Update. I downloaded that and ran it, but the computer said “that is unnecessary for this computer” or something like that. GAH! So I e-mailed Rob-Art of Barefeats and told him my predicament. He responded with “You have to upgrade the firmware on the X1900 XT with it installed in a 2006/2007 Mac Pro.” OK…fine. I can do that. Rather I can have a friend with an older MacPro do it for me.

More after the weekend. BIG post when it is all installed into the edit bay.

EDIT: Ahh…I found this post on Barefeats and it mentions the x1900 XT. But it says, in bright red: “One user reported that the Radeon X1900 XT did NOT work in his 2008 Mac Pro 2.8GHz. We didn’t do anything special to get it to work in our 2008 Mac Pro 3.2GHz or our friend’s 2.8GHz. However, we do recall running the firmware update on the card back in October 2007 when it was installed in our “Apr 2007″ 8-core Mac Pro.” So flashing the card might indeed be the solution. I missed this the first time around.