Quick update. My MacPro is finally shipping. And it turns out that I will be getting the original machine I ordered. Even though my dealer bent over backwards to get me the older version of the MacPro, I will be getting the new machine. Why? Well, the XSAN we will be getting will be running Leopard, so the fact that my machine will be running Leopard as well can only be good. And this saves me a few hundred bucks too…which is also a good thing.

I am still tracking the progress of the shipment at Apple…building the excitement. And when it arrives I’ll to the obligatory unboxing photos, followed by the installing of the accessories photos (Kona 3, x1900XT, hard drives).

In the meantime I finished building the desk. Here is a quick photo of the desk…built entirely from parts purchased at Ikea. Well, except for the shelf, that was bought from the lumber store.