I love this town…LA. Every now and then I see some character actor in the park or in the store. I cut off Danny DeVito in front of Warner Brothers my first week in town…got an earful. I walked thru the airplace crash set of the new WAR OF THE WORLDS one week before they shot, because the production I was working on was just up the hill on the Universal Lot. During my lunch hour from jury duty I walked into the Bradbury Building where they shot a lot of Blade Runner scenes. Snuck onto the lot at Warner Brothers and walked down the street where they shot Seinfeld.

Then today, I am driving to work on the 101 Freeway, on the Barham pass near Universal City, when I come up behind this semi truck towing a flatbed trailer with a large tube on it. I took small notice, thinking it was some large pipe for some sort of underground irrigation. Then I start passing it as I approached my exit into Hollywood and I look closer and notice that it isn’t a pipe, it looks like some sort of rocket. So I speed up to get a closer look and then I see what it is.

One of the nacelles from the U.S.S. Enterprise. Most likely a LARGE SCALE model for the new movie…no doubt on the way to the Paramount lot. This thing was HUGE! As long as a light post. I quickly whipped out my iPhone and snapped a couple hasty pics.

What is this? Where does it go? This is a nacelle:

OK…I’m done geeking now.