A couple posts ago I pointed out the great PSA “Indie Fever” that Scott Simmons of the EditBlog made.

In what seems like perfect timing, I found myself watching a great short documentary on IFC on Monday called Failure. I stumbled on this by accident. My wife and I always watch the Henry Rollins Show and before I could change the channel, I saw the lead in to this documentary. I watched it…and it was hilarious. It was a documentary all about this guys attempt to make an independent film. In short, it was a disaster…and from the scenes he showed, I wondered what the heck it was about, because none of the scenes made sense. And he seemed to fall into every single pitfall that beginning filmmakers make…well, there was no “dream sequence,” so he avoided one. But it showcased a lot of the points made by the Indie Fever PSA…and what was really neat is that the documentary was VERY GOOD. The movie he was doing was so bad, yet this was great. He spent three years making this, and it shows. Lots of time to fine tune it. Pure joy to watch. Because I have made a short film or two in my time and this seems all to familiar to me.

While I am linking like a mad man, I might as well link to the FAILURE Myspace page.