Yup…I’m going. And I will be working for the same company I have been all year…CalDigit. And they will have new and exciting products they will be announcing. Pretty cool ones. I’ll talk more about them after the show, or during the show AFTER the announcement.

So I’ll be at the booth. Not in my NEON ORANGE shirt they made me wear last year. Ugh. Nope…Navy Blue. Whew. Much better. And I’ll be giving two demos while working the booth. The P2 workflow with FCP 6 and a field package…and utilizing an I/O HD in a remote workflow. Pretty exciting…considering that I just got the I/O HD on Thursday to test. Before that the most I had done with it is pick it up at IBC to see how much it weighed.

So, if you want to see me, I’ll be there all week…Jan 14-18. And I’ll also be at the FCPUG Super Meet on Wednesday. I’ll be wearing a MEDIA OFFLINE t-shirt (black, Avid MEDIA OFFLINE font).