Well, it was inevitable. Sooner or later I’d have to work on a project that was shot with an HDV camera. And now here it comes. It will be a “trailer” for a documentary on Shamanism. I say “trailer” with “quotes” because it isn’t like a movie trailer…2 min tease of what the movie is about. No, it is a partially shot documentary in need of finishing funds. So I will be cutting a 10 min “mini-doc” (do I love those “quotation marks” or what?) about the subject.

And it was shot on HDV. With the VU1. And not only that…but the b-camera was a DV camera. BUT…no worries. It was used sparingly, and just to get another angle on interviews, so I can blow up and effect the footage and make it look like crud…in other words, make it look “cool.”

I will make my attempt to capture HDV as ProRes…via firewire. Because I am very behind in the times and am still running a very reliable Dual 2Ghz G5 with a Kona LH…and for some reason I can’t capture ProRes via the card without an Intel Mac, but I can via Firewire.

So I’ll keep you appraised with how things are going and what workflows I will be using…what works, what doesn’t. Basically what I intended the blog to be.

OH…since a lot of the workflow depends on the final delivery format, I will say that the intended delivery will be DVD…to give out as fundraising tools. But I will cut this as if I intend to output to HDCAM at 1080i 29.97. Because in the end…the FINAL project will have that as the final master.