OK…this has NOTHING to do with post production…well, very little anyway. But a bit to do with Apple…and the iPhone which, YES, I did get one for Christmas. NO I haven’t posted a blog post from it yet and NO this isn’t a blog post from it either. It takes effort to type on that thing and I have yet to have the occasion to need to post breaking news from it that couldn’t wait for me to get to my laptop.

ANYWAY…I just wanted to pass on this tip on how to convert iTunes music into ringtones without paying for them…all brought about BY APPLE! They made this possible with the latest update to Garage Band, 4.1.1, and it is DARN COOL!

No, it doesn’t work with purchased music, but anything you import from a CD you own (which t RIAA says is stealing…STEALING? I own the darn CD! WTF?!?!) works just fine.

Right now, my ringtone is WHO ARE YOU by the WHO…if you care.

Oh, and if you want other iPhone tips, Scott at the EditBlog has a couple…including one on using an iPod (iPhone too) as a sync device for music videos.