Pardon my “Variety” lingo (the “nod” thing…means “got notice and praise”) but this is UBER cool.

Two good friends of mine, Patrick Sheffield and Capt. Mike Mench created a couple VERY useful plugins: Capt’s Blowout Fixer (free) and the Electronic Makeup Artist (EMA) ($149). I have found these to be VERY useful. IN fact, the Blowout Fixer was being made right when I needed it…I had a bad shot (rare from this DP) where an actors face detail was lost. I gave the clip to Pat and Mike and they used it and others to fine tune the plugin…and I became the first one to use it. Saved that shot…which was pretty important. I haven’t used the EMA one yet, but I can see great uses for it.

ANYWAY…the reason I mention all this is, well, these plugins, and my buddies, got on air mention by Leo Laporte on a show he does in Canada called “The Lab with Leo Laporte.” ON Episode 91, which I just linked to, Leo and the Tiki Doctor Jeff Macphearson mention and demo these plugins.

These two often rib my about my “web celebrity.” Well…getting a “nod” from Leo is more celebrity than I have.

Check out these plugins. These and a handful of others can be found at Sheffield Softworks, with free ones to be had here.