Yup…you heard me…convert HDV to ProRes 422 via firewire…AND NO INTEL MAC REQUIRED!!

HDV to ProRes via Firewire

Now I don’t work with HDV yet…professionally. I have borrowed a couple cameras and shot family video…and captured native and as DVCPRO HD via my Kona LH. But I never explored capturing as ProRes. Why? Because the ability to do so was limited to Intel Macs with capture cards. Even though I have a Dual 2Ghz G5 and a Kona LH, I could not capture as ProRes. I tried, as others did, but it just wouldn’t do it.

Now Apple releases FCP 6.0.2 and makes it possible via firewire…even on a PowerPC Mac! I haven’t tried it, lacking an HDV camera (I had the HV20 for two days, returned it for a variety of reasons), but others have and it works.

How sweet is that?

(This article was around for a few weeks, I was just lazy in getting it out to you all…sorry. Doesn’t help that I am not a huge advocate of HDV.)