Forgot to post this as well…for the Kona folk out there:

“Available now at the Support section of our website is new version 5.0 software for the KONA lineup. New features and fixes include:

*New Features*

– OSX 10.5 “Leopard” compatibility (KONA LS, KONA LH, KONA 3, and KONA 2).

– Added 720p50 support (KONA LH, KONA 3, and KONA 2).

*Improvements and Fixes*

– RGB output support improved for 2K and Dual Link RGB 4:4:4 material. Improved performance when using Force RGB option in Apple Color (KONA 3).

– Improved performance on Intel Mac Pros with more than 2GB of memory, when using Final Cut Pro 6 for 3:2 pulldown.

– KONA driver loads faster during Mac startup (KONA LS, KONA LH, KONA 3, and KONA 2).

NOTE: There is important configuration and installation information contained in the Release Notes, so please be sure to read it completely.

Version 5.0 is only for Final Cut Studio Version 2. Earlier Final Cut Pro versions should not use this software. Please ensure you use the correct software for your system. AJA Driver Compatibility as of KONA Version 5.0 software is as follows:

FCP 6.0.x – Kona Driver version 5.0 (Leopard and Tiger OS compatible version)
FCP 6.0.x – Kona Driver version 4.0 (Tiger OS compatible version)
FCP 5.1.x – Kona Driver versions 3.1 through 3.4 (Tiger OS compatible versions)
FCP 5.0.x – Kona Driver version 3 (first Universal Binary version)

KONA v5.0 software can be found here:

Please be sure to download the appropriate software package for each KONA product type (KONA 3, KONA LH, etc.), and to fully read the included Release Notes, which contains important installation and configuration information. New Io HD software version 1.1 is also available (details on the Io Cow page and on our website).”