Let me first point you to the Apple Discussion thread that prompted this discovery. Full credit goes to ILMSTMF…whoever that is (real name not given, location unknown).

OK…while trying to troubleshoot a frame rate issue, Mr. ILMSTMF did something that shouldn’t have worked. He imported an MXF file directly from the Contents folder…and it worked! He got the warning that the file wasn’t “optimal,” but still, it worked. Since he imported only the video file, there was no audio. He imported that separately and could sync it up.

Now…how the HECK did he do that? I didn’t believe it. So I did it myself. Wouldn’t you know it…It worked. I got the same message, but it worked.

When did this happen? When did FCP import MXF files natively? I couldn’t figure this out. How did this suddenly happen? And why didn’t Apple tell us about this.

Then Wes from Automatic Duck mentioned that he could do this…and he was running the same version. I iChatted with a couple other people and two of them couldn’t do it. What was different? When I was looking around I noticed that I had the P2CMS application from Panasonic installed. I asked the guys who couldn’t import…they didn’t install it. So I went looking in my Quicktime Library and I found this:

Yep…that component…MXFImporter.component…is installed with P2CMS. This is what allows their software to read the MXF footage. With this installed, the MXF files are selectable…without it, they are grey and you can’t click on them:

NOW…if Panasonic figured out how to get this working natively, why haven’t they licensed it to Apple and let us work with the footage? This is a very valid workflow for many people. I myself still prefer to Log and Import, as I like to rename my footage and organize it, but many many people just want to have instant access to the footage.

OK guys…we are ALMOST there. Just talk to each other and we can get the native support that so many people want.

(not that Apple or Panasonic read this blog…I was just talking metaphorically.)