There was an issue that cropped up when many of us upgraded FCP 6 to 6.0.2. Suddenly the LOG AND TRANSFER option for P2 didn’t work. Initially I solved this by zapping PRAM, running Disk First Aid and repairing permissions and trashing FCP prefs. This unfortunately only worked ONCE. When I restarted, this didn’t work at all. And this didn’t work for everyone. I started a threat on the Apple forums to track this issue.

So in my testing I found the culprit to be the FxPlug plugins from FX Factory. As soon as I removed those, my import function returned. I even went so far as to get a new HD, install the OS fresh, update it. Install FCS 2 fresh, update it, and then install applications and plugins, testing the Import option after each one. It finally failed when I loaded FX Factory. SO…if you have this, or maybe other FxPlug plugins, try removing those and running FCP again. Uninstalling would be best (if possible), as one of the things I tried doing was removing ALL of the plugins from the Plugins folder, and it still failed. ONly when I ran the Uninstaller did it actually clear things up.

Here is the whole rigamaroll I did THIS time to narrow it down, the troubleshooting steps used in getting P2 import working with FCP 6.0.2:

Purchased a new 320GB SATA drive…only because I wanted to start fresh, and these were on sale for $50, and I had stuff on the other drive that I wanted to keep and didn’t really want to copy it to another…WHATEVER…I got a new drive. Larger than the other one…so…THERE!

I erased it and formatted it MacOS Extended. Then I installed the G5 disks. Then I ran the Tiger Upgrade Install CD, then used the System Update System Preference to bring everything up to the most current version.

Then I repaired permissions.

Next, I installed Final Cut Studio 2. Then I ran all the updates. This took a while, as I also went to Griffith Observatory with my family, and wasn’t on hand to press the OK button or swap DVDs.

Then I repaired permissions and restarted.

I copied over some backed up P2 footage and launched FCP 6.0.2. I opened Log and Transfer, navigated to a P2 folder and BOOM….there the clips were. Worked fine.

So now, I begin installing the extra software. I will list it in order, and test after each install.

1) Kona LH drivers, v4
2) Caldigit FASTA 4x driver
3) Quicksilver (I am CRIPPLED without this)
4) Adobe After Effects 6.5
5) Microsoft Office 2004
6) Photoshop CS (PS 8)

Repaired Permissions. And there was stuff that needed repairing. Photoshop color profiles from the looks of it.

7) Sorenson Squeeze 4.0
8) Shake 4.1
9) Magic Bullet – Colorista
10) Magic Bullet – Editors 2
11) Digital Film Tools (DFT) 55mm
12) Lyric Plugins

Repaired Permissions – no repair necessary.

13) FX Factory Plugins

P2 IMPORT FAILED. I then UNINSTALLED FX Factory (nice that they have an Uninstaller…need more of these) and tested again. P2 import was successful. So now I have narrowed it down to FX Factory…thus far. Checking more plugins.

14) Eureka Free and Eureka Plugins
15) Sheffield Softwerks
16) Marcus Plugins (Vignette, Face Light)
17) CGM Film LE
18) Film Grain Process (Paul Crisp I believe)
19) Nattress Big Box ‘o Tricks
20) Nattress Set 1
21) Nattress Standards Converter
22) Nattress Film Effects
23) Nattress Free (seems like I like the Nattress plugins huh?)
24) Zaxwerks 3D Flag Demo (testing other FxPlug plugins) Import worked fine.
25) CHV FxPlug Bundle (also FxPlug) Import worked fine.

At this point I yanked out the new drive and put back the old one. I ran the FX Factory Uninstaller. And guess what? I was able to import P2 using the Log and Transfer window!

I hope that this helps others in figuring out what is happening for them. If you have FX Factory, uninstall it and see what happens. If not, it might be some other FxPlug plugin.

Apple is aware of this issue and is investigating.

UPDATE: Noise Industries is working on this too.