OK, a few posts ago I mentioned this contest. (which I had the wrong name for the song, but we won’t go there.) This contest is still happening…you have until the Friday the 24th. Dunno, these might have inspired me. Yeah, right. I’ll do this over Thanksgiving. Wife would kill me.

I just wanted to point to the YouTube group for several of the submissions. Some are good, some are bad…as to be expected. And some are GREAT! This is what I like about this stuff. Put the tools and material into the hands of people and you will find the truly brilliant ones out there.

I do have to point out my personal favorite…because not only is it very pretty, it didn’t go down the OBVIOUS cloud motif path.


This guy put a LOT of work into this video, and a lot of heart, and it shows. UNFORTUNATELY…the contest is only open to US Residents, and he isn’t one. DOH! He gets my vote!