OK, now that Andrew Jackson has aired, I can now show a clip from it in my demo reel. So I’d like to take this opportunity to announce my new demo reel site, www.shanerosseditor.com. I have been playing around with iWeb and I think I got the hang of it. I will have to say that I REALLY like the h.264 encodes of my HD projects.

OK, enough trumpeting my own horn. Now for something funny.

When I was leaving the edit bay tonight (well, this morning…3AM) I passed an edit bay and noticed something that struck me as funny. There, propping open a door, was an RMAG. Now, for you who don’t know this, an RMAG is a cinderblock sized (and weight) 9 GB hard drive that was in use in the mid-1990’s. This 9GB drive was a slot loading drive (required the RMAG Chassis) that ran about $4000. Nowadays you can get a 2.5TB Raid 5 unit capable of 400MB/s for the same price….think about that for a moment.

And realize that that $4000 drive is now ACUTALLY being used as a doorstop.

Well I found it funny.