I saved posting the airdate until the time was close. Well, it is close. And it will air THREE times very close to one another…so you will be sure to catch it.

Andrew Jackson.

Sunday, November 18 08:00 PM
Monday, November 19 12:00 AM (that’s right…MIDNIGHT)
Saturday, November 24 05:00 PM

Not sure if these are Eastern or Pacific times…there have been times when it was set to air at 8PM and I find that it is on a 5PM…so 8PM eastern, 5PM Pacific. But then it re-aired later that night.

Anyway, this is my third History Channel high def show cut with FCP…and since I have maybe 4 shows that air a year (specials…all of them specials) announcing when one airs is a big thing. Now, when I get a SERIES, I can be more casual about it and say “catch this every Tuesday at 8:00 PM” and it won’t be such a big deal because you see it all the time. Well, it will still be a big deal, just not a quarterly event.

ONE of these day’s the network will publicize a show I work on…one of these days. Until then I have to shout it from the street corner…


When my SURGERY SAVED MY LIFE episode airs on Discovery Health (gah, they HAD to move it from the main Discovery channel for some reason)…I’ll let you know. That will be my…2nd show this year? The third I am working on now. MAN, I need a series.

Quoting the press release:

World Premiere Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT

NEW YORK, NY, OCTOBER 10, 2007 — Ask Americans which President’s face is on
the twenty dollar bill and most will say, “Andrew Jackson”. Ask these same people the
reason why Jackson’s portrait graces the modern twenty dollar bill and many of them will
not have the answer. Some of those in the know claim he does not deserve such a
distinction, while others praise him for his accomplishments during his presidency. Why
the discrepancy?

During his presidency, Andrew Jackson saved America from occupation by the British
and held off the secession of South Carolina, was known simply as “The Hero,” and was
one of the most popular American Presidents in history. And yet he is also responsible for
one of this country’s biggest humanitarian disasters, and is remembered in some circles
as a tyrant and double-crosser. A new two-hour special presentation examines the
controversial life and career of ANDREW JACKSON premiering November 18th,
2007 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The History Channel®.