To edit your version of her latest music video, BOUNCING IN THE CLOUDS.

The website has posted FULL RES quicktime files of each camera angle (five of them) in the DV codec. And from the look of it there is a LOT of green screen work for this. So this isn’t only an exercise in creative editing of a music video, but also compositing work with green screen. Now, green screening DV, which is a bit of a task, but some good practice nuntheless.

Now, I find this to be a BRILLIANT idea. Release the footage to a the aspiring editors out there and have them edit their vision of the music video. You might get a LOT of bad videos, but, there are some talented people out there that just need the chance for you to see them shine. So these aspiring editors get the footage to practice, and if they are good they get the exposure. And the company gets a music video.

Sure, the prizes are on the cheap end (Grand Prize is a couple of tickets to a Tori concert, and second prizes are iPod Touches), but this is intended for the beginners, the aspiring filmmakers….not us Pro’s who don’t even have time to edit family home video…although I am downloading the footage as I type this as I haven’t edited a music video before so…so…family video gets neglected again.

This reminds me of the guy who edited an iPod ad that he posted on YouTube that is nowbeing picked up by Apple and will air. I mean…how cool is that? Like the Doritos ads that people made and that aired on the Superbowl this year. Giving creative opportunities “to the masses” opens creative channels that have been untapped for years. I applaud this.

OK guys…get downloading.