Thanks to Matt Jepsen from FresHDV for this, who found it via Digital Camcorder News.

How to capture and edit Canon’s 24f format in Final Cut Pro.

Now, I don’t own an HDV camera, but I have shot with the XL-H1, and I tested all the modes, including 24f. Now, I couldn’t even FCP to recognize the camera, so I resorted to capturing it with my Kona LH as DVCPRO HD. But, if I did have one of these cameras I’d opt for the cheaper HV20, not being a pro shooter and all. Not too expensive…full raster 1920×1080 (pixel shifted, whatever that means) and with a Redrock Micro so I end up with this rig. Iffin I was a shooter. I tend to blow all my cash on post related equipment.

But anyway, here is the workflow for MANY people who own this camera and want to get 23.98 fps out of it. And it isn’t too convoluted. Isn’t convoluted at all, really. I know a guy who has one…maybe I can borrow it for a day or two and test.