Well, I’ve done it. I have FINALLY replaced the last piece of…uh…*cough* “borrowed” *cough*…software from my system.

Yeah…right…like you’ve NEVER done this.

Well, the last piece of software that I have let go was Photoshop. Nice application, but did MUCH MORE than I really tapped it to do. Crop, resize, couple titles, scan something to make a gift card, maybe a little touch up on photos, played with a few filters….but nothing that really dug into what this app could do.

And I tried Photoshop ELEMENTS and didn’t like it. And a few other chinsey applications that just seemed…lacking. SO I stuck with Photoshop, but really couldn’t come up with $650…well, JUSTIFY the $650 to pay for it. I know…bad…bad.

Well, thanks to my podcast listening habit (MacBreak Weekly, This Week In Media), I have heard about a GREAT photo editing application called Pixelmator. All the tools I used most are here, plus a few that I didn’t but want to get into. This is a REALLY powerful application. Truely a Photoshop replacement I can justify. Because it costs only $60. Perfect for the non-photo professional…just the tools that I need.

Check it out…they offer a demo.