OK…this was a posting over at the Creative Cow, and I felt that it just HAS to be shared:

“Not in broadcasting? Then skip this post, please, because it doesn’t apply to you. But if you are……..

I’ve discovered that for many people who toil in broadcasting, the 24p to 30p odyssey unfolds like this:

• Cool! I can shoot 24p! Just like they do in the movies! I’m gonna do it right now! What? Aaaah, how important can those details be? This stuff’s GREAT!

• Hey, what’s wrong?

• Cripes, how come this stuff isn’t working right? What were those details about, anyway?

• EEAUGGHHH! How do I get out of this mess?

• Help! Help!!! HELLLLP!!!

• I have to do what? WHAT??? Jeez, the whole thing’s edited! Well, there’s GOTTA be another way!

• Grumble… curse… stinkin’ waste of my time….. grumble…. curse…. this’ll take twice as long as I thought…. grumble…. curse…. whoops!… grumble… make that three times longer…. grumble…. curse… curse… curse.

• There, DONE! What, the dentist wants to schedule my root canal? Tell him no problem.

• You know, I think I’m going to compare some 24p footage and some 30p footage.

• How hard is it to work in 30p? You’re joking. That’s it? No, really… that’s IT?

• Cripes, how important are six stinkin’ fewer frames a second, anyway?

• Cool! I can shoot 30p! I’m gonna do it right now… and no details to worry about! This stuff’s GREAT!

Not in broadcasting? Never Mind. Once again, this doesn’t apply to you.”

Dave LaRonde
Sr. Promotion Producer

EDIT: If you are required to deliver a 29.97 master, don’t shoot 24p, and don’t edit 23.98. Well, you can shoot 24P I suppose, as many cameras shoot 24P at 29.97fps…but shooting 24pA or other 24p format at 23.98 and editing at 23.98 is more of a headache than it is worth. Shooting 30p at 29.97 yeilds the same “film look” and yet makes editing and delivering a 29.97 master easy.

EVEN MORE EDIT: This post from Mike Curtis a month ago kinda relates to this, only from the OPPOSITE view. Shooting to GET 23.98 for either HD output or possible film out. So…examples of when to use 24p and when NOT to use 24P.