OK, I have been here for 8 days already, vacationing with the family. Now I check into my new hotel and begin work. Access to the internet has been VERY limited. Internet Cafe’s mainly, as my hotel does not have access. Hopefully my new one will. And I haven’t blogged because, well, I was vacationing. Walking around, riding bikes, walking, taking a canal cruise, walking, feeding pigeons, walking. OH, and walking. My feet hurt.

ANYWAY, IBC starts tomorrow and I will try to find interesting stuff to blog about. I already have a blog I am working on about seeing Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel here, so that will be next.

OK…off to rest my feet…and, well, change hotels.

(Odd, all of my blog commands are in dutch! I’ll have to post a pic when I can upload it to my iDisk.)