I leave Tuesday for Amsterdam…I will be attending IBC. I am heading out a week early to bring the family along and do the tourist thang. Then I will be at IBC, working at the CalDigit booth as their “expert who uses and likes the product.” So if you are a follower of my blog, and happen to be in Amsterdam and HAPPEN to be at IBC, that is where you can find me. I will also be checking out the RED camera (finally shipping) and see if I can find the MOTU booth and look at the V3HD.

And I will no doubt take advantage of the town to do a little partying.

I’ll blog if I happen to find internet cafés and have the inclination after working and partying.

I finished the rough cut of the episode of the Discovery show I am working on, so they will have three weeks to pick it apart and give me notes. When I come back, I have 3 weeks to get it into shape and out the door. I can do that.