OK…if you didn’t read about it from HDforINDIES or FresHDV (which are blogs you should read, BTW) then let me ALSO point out that Panasonic has finally released a P2 reader for the Mac…found here:

Panasonic P2 Reader for Mac

Not only does it display the P2 footage, but also allows you to ingest, search, and organize your footage…you can add text or audio memos, export it out, back it up, archive, and I like this one, RESTORE your footage. Say if FCP says it is corrupt. I also heard from the Creative Cow posts on this that with this installed you can even start editing the MXF files natively…without importing into FCP. But that you need FCS 2 to do this. I haven’t tested this out (Again folks…I am in Avid land now) but I’ll be sure to mention it if it is true. Otherwise you need Raylight in order to do this.

It requires OS X 10.4.10 and QT 7.1.6 (Currently incompatible with QT 7.2) and…ah heck, just go read about it. Although I am dealing with P2 footage on this show, it is AGAIN..on an Avid and the Adrenaline we have reads the files natively (on a PC) and they are strung out and spit out to tape and recaptured into the OLDER Avids…and on tape so that when we online we only have tapes….blah blah blah. But, it is nice to have tapes. ANYWAY..that is all handled by the assistants anyway, so I don’t touch it.