OK…I would like to make an unsolicited plug for a product (I do this from time to time). This is one that I personally use, and now HIGHLY recommend.


It is a solid flexible rubber keyboad cover that fits over your…well, keyboard. I have this for both my laptop and my G5. I first saw these at MacWorld, then NAB. I bought them at NAB.

Not ONLY are they a good thing to have for they show you all the FCP keyboard commands, but they do double duty as a shield to prevent crumbs and crap into falling in between the keys on the keyboard. I was inspired to make this plug today because I just now notices HOW MUCH CRAP this prevented from getting into the nooks and crannies of my keyboard. QUITE a bit let me tell you. So I found this to be a wise purchase.

I did initially have the replacement keyset from www.logickeyboards.com…and I like those. But having this cover is great…no more crud in my keyboard.

This will not work for the new SLICK Apple keyboard. Yet. They might come out with one soon. That is SICK!