I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been busy wrapping up ANDREW JACKSON, and starting my NEW job editing a surgery show for Discovery…and I have family in town…so…busy.

But, I wanted to post a quick news item. Because I am currently editing on an Avid (which I will blog about because I both like and dislike the system…it is an old one), and there is a LOT of stuff happening.

Avid lays off 129 people in a restructuring move.

This after CEO David Krall made the announcement a couple weeks ago that he was stepping down at the end of the month.

WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE? Are they FINALLY getting that their expensive price model cannot work in the current market? I mean, $5000 for a software version of Media Composer…ONLY the NLE itself. And if you want a Mojo, that is more. This is tough when you have Apple and Adobe offering full suites of software for 1/3 the price, including high end graphics and audio and DVD authoring tools.

I do see this as a good move. If the current staff isn’t doing what is required to make Avid competitive in today’s market, then maybe some new blood will. I for one want to see Avid sticking around. I still really like the software and would like to continue to have it as an option. Another tool in my belt.

ANYWAY…I an able to type this as the Unity is down…again. This time in a more serious way. It does tend to go down often, but that is solved with a reboot. Not this time. But, Technology isn’t perfect. I expect this so it is no skin off my nose. Give me time to write.

EDIT: This comes from a comment that I meant to keep brief at FresHDV, but ended up writing a bit about. Wanted to share.

I mean…coming from a history of working with Avid (10+ years), $5000 is a FANTASTIC price. VERY cheap. When you consider that a full system all but 5 years ago cost between $65k and $120k…that is DARN cheap.

The issue is that now they have competition. SERIOUS competition. Not consumer software, but pro software from TWO vendors that offer a full suite of applications for under $1700. Faced with that they have to do something. They can’t survive if they try to rely on their old client base who has the deep pockets and would see that as a deal. Because MANY of their clients are now looking at FCP and going “Hey, look at that! I can get a fully loaded HD ready system for about $20,000…or less! Start editing stuff on my laptop for $1200.” They look at Avid and see their Laptop offering and see the $5k price tag…and are lacking motion graphics abilities, sound mixing, DVD authoring…and now WORLD CLASS color correction.

Avid has Media Management down…that is what makes it so attractive. And using the softare on a laptop in conjunction with the footage on an Adrenaline (their big selling point at NAB) is nice, but is it worth the $5000 pricetag? It is great software and very powerful. But I can do so much with FCP that I would really only consider the Media Composer software when I needed to work in conjunction with other Avids, or where the tools it provided were key to the success of the project.

I have yet to find that need. Well…unless my current job would allow me to edit from my home, but they like to have us here with the producers…close. And that makes sense.

ANYWAY…I have to talk about my experience in returning to the Avid after a 2 year break. Quite interesting.
And no…The Unity is not down at the time of the writing of this addition to my first comment. End of the work day cool down before the horrid drive home.